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Arlington Children's Theatre

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  • Arlington Children’s Theatre is dedicated to creating quality theatrical events, workshops, and experiences that educate, inspire, and enrich the lives of children ages 7-18, their families, and the community. We produce a variety of plays and musicals each season and offer exciting workshops and vacation day programs that center on the educational process and the theatrical and interpersonal development of each individual participant. Together, we can create theatre that inspires!

    Mission: The mission of Arlington Children's Theatre is to embrace, enrich, educate, entertain, and encourage children and their families, within the Boston area, through its commitment to a unique, quality theatre program. ACT embraces by opening its doors to all who wish to participate regardless of background, experience, or acting, dancing or singing ability. ACT enriches by providing a safe, welcoming space where children can be exposed to new experiences, different points of view, and challenged beyond their current selves. ACT educates formally through its workshops, programs and high-quality productions led by staff with years of experience and dedication to theatre. ACT also educates informally by helping give children the freedom to express themselves, and develop the communication, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills necessary to see a complex production with many personalities come to life. ACT entertains by creating excellent, professional-looking and -sounding productions that everyone can enjoy and be proud of: the ACTors, their parents, the artistic staff, and the local community. ACT encourages by supporting everyone in the ACT community and teaching them to be resilient, humble, and to persevere.


    Address: 115 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA, USA

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    Anthony Bruno
    (781) 316-8090
    T: Artistic Director
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