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Apricus Arts

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  • Apricus Arts Inc. is a nonprofit organization run entirely by high school students. We provide free, high-quality artistic enrichment opportunities to youth aged 5-18 in the United States of America. It can be incredibly expensive and difficult to pursue an artistic education. Music instructors typically charge between $15-150/hr for lessons, and school music programs can cost up to hundreds of dollars in fees per student annually. Art supplies such as paints can cost hundreds of dollars, and quality visual arts education is scarce in the public school system. Artistic education provides a safe environment for children to develop helpful skills, such as perseverance, a strong work ethic, cooperation, and much more. Statistically, schools offering music programs have higher graduation and attendance rates when compared to schools that don’t offer music programs. Furthermore, all forms of artistic education have been proven to improve overall cognitive function. Apricus Arts was created because we felt it was wrong that creativity was accompanied by such a heavy price tag. Support our mission by becoming a mentor, student, or officer.

    Mission: Apricus Arts is a nonprofit incorporation that provides free artistic enrichment classes and one on one mentorship to youth in California.

    Website: https://www.apricusarts.org

    Address: 24432 Muirlands Boulevard, Lake Forest, CA, USA

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