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  • HCCDFC is funded both at the state level (Regional Coalition) and national level (Drug-free Communities). We use environmental approaches that affect large segments of the population. Currently, the coalition is working to reduce underage drinking and prescription drug abuse. We accomplish this by implementing: • Policy change (e.g. suggesting laws or ordinances that will benefit the whole community, state, or nation) • Providing Education (e.g. media campaigns, press releases, table tents, training for various sectors) • Community advocacy (e.g. asking parents to avoid hosting underage drinking parties, sticker shock) People with a desire and a passion to address these issues are welcome to join with us to promote a safe and healthy environment for all.

    Mission: We are a coalition of professionals and volunteers working to reduce youth substance use in Hudson County.

    Website: hudsoncountycoalition.org

    Address: 37 Harmon Cove Towers

    Pre-Approval Criteria
    Over 18
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    Karena Malko
    (201) 552-2264 x13
    T: Community Relations Specialist
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