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Bethany Hill School. Inc.

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  • For over two decades, Bethany Hill School has offered education, opportunity and hope to families and individuals who have experienced homelessness, violence and loss. Our programs employ a unique approach to anti-poverty work in MetroWest. Bethany Hill School was founded in 1994 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston as a response to the growing problem of family homelessness. While we are sponsored by a Catholic order, Bethany Hill is a secular 501c3 with a dual focus on basic needs (housing) and education.

    Mission: To provide affordable, independent housing with educational opportunities within a climate of respect, inclusion, and acceptance. Residents are empowered to progress toward their goals and to be their best selves in a safe, supportive environment.

    Website: www.bethanyhillschool.org

    Address: 89 Bethany Road, Framingham, MA, United States

    Pre-Approval Criteria
    CORI Over 18
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    Trish Appert
    (508) 270-8005
    T: Executive Director
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