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  • GiftsToGive™ is a magical place. Thousands of local children come here to engage in giving and service. We call it Tangible Philanthropy and Big Citizenship. Kids donate their “gently-used” clothes, toys, books and things they no longer need or use and volunteer at our huge re-purposing center to process, organize and package tons of donations, transforming them into thousands of individual gift packages. Hundreds of local agencies and care givers go on-line and order customized gift-packages for homeless and at-risk children in their care. All this is made possible through the skill sets and commitment of our volunteer management team. GiftsToGive-in-SOCO_Feb2015_002Our NGO business model is low cost, high impact and we’re working to be self-sustaining. We operate a “gently-used” adult clothing and small home goods Thrift Store. We’re building a “for-profit” business, with the help of our donors, to offset our operating and programming costs. We’re also giving local student volunteers a retail worker, stock filling, customer service worker experience! In essence, we’re building a more caring community by repositioning philanthropy and redefining citizenship.

    Mission: We’re waging a focused campaign against child poverty. For us, the solution is healthy families and public education. We’re building a caring community where we can easily share our gifts to ensure children are connected with what they need, and learn how to read. We seriously support local public schools through tangible and measurable service learning, early literacy and middle school mentoring programming. Poverty is wreaking havoc on healthy families and public education!

    Website: www.giftstogive.org

    Address: 1 Titleist Drive, Acushnet, MA, United States

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