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  • Boston Children’s Theatre seeks to become a national leader in theatre productions and training. We strive for excellence in theatre training for young people, in creating new works, and in partnering with schools, using the medium of theatre to engage, enlighten and motivate youth towards productive and fulfilling lives as members of society. We aim to provide broad access to theatre experiences by offering programming that reaches out across diverse backgrounds to engage youth of all ages. We work to ensure that each and every student who has the curiosity or the passion for theater has an equal opportunity to experience this life changing art form.

    Mission: Boston Children’s Theatre’s (BCT) mission is to provide access to exceptional theatrical experiences dedicated to fostering the artistic and personal development of diverse youth, with a focus on professional training and the development of new works.

    Website: www.bostonchildrenstheatre.org

    Address: Benjamin Franklin Institute, 41 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116

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    Toby Schine
    (617) 600-7026
    T: Executive Director and Producer
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