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GravityMoves, Inc

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  • GravityMoves Expressive Arts Programs are sensitively crafted and facilitated with the goal of reducing stress levels and improving social connection. This is achieved by trained facilitators and volunteers equipped with a toolkit of Expressive Arts techniques that aim to benefit youth at risk, as well as older adults.

    Mission: GravityMoves seeks to enrich lives and alleviate psychobio stressers within key vulnerable populations by offering our unique programs that include evidence based methods of Expresssive Arts activities. We aim to build resilient, compassionate individuals as well as intergenerationally supportive communities.

    Website: GravityMoves.org

    Address: 35 Bates Street, Danvers, MA, United States

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    Betsy Katz
    (978) 390-1752
    T: Director
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