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Partners in Care

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  • Volunteers can provide up to 10-12 hours a week of caregiver respite through participation in companionship level of care- recreational activities, community events, and errands (no personal care, heavy lifting, or assisting with medications). Volunteers will commit to serving one full year, providing consistent and experienced support to caregivers while building a friendly long-term relationship with their loved one. In exchange for the volunteer’s commitment to serve, volunteers receive on-going training and a monthly stipend throughout their year of service.

    Mission: Partners in Care is a volunteer driven caregiver support program. The program strives to decrease caregiver burden and stress, and increase the potential of the caregiver to sustain loved ones at home. Caregiving is a 24-hour job; Partners in Care can provide this service to give caregivers time for themselves while knowing their loved ones are in good company. With our screened and trained volunteers, caregivers have more time to rest, recharge, and focus on other important matters in their lives.

    Website: www.jfsri.org

    Address: Providence, RI, United States

    Pre-Approval Criteria
    CORI SORI Additional Over 18
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    Contact Info
    Jessica Murphy
    (401) 331-1244 x336
    T: Program Coordinator
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