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  • Since its founding in 1983, the role of the RJD has expanded from steward of an historic building to a proactive member of the cultural community, offering a variety of programs for a diverse audience. A Partner in the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, the RJD joins New Bedford’s cultural and educational organizations in pursuit of excellence and the potential of what we many all accomplish together.

    Mission: To Preserve one of the nation’s finest Greek Revival mansions and its historic grounds and gardens to the highest standard; To interest and educate the public through exhibits and interpretive historical and horticultural programs that document the history of New Bedford and important chapters in American history through the lives of the three families who lived in the house; And to acquire and care for appropriate artifacts, furnishings and period collections.

    Website: www.rjdmuseum.org

    Address: 396 County Street

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    Kimberly Rioux
    (508) 997-1401
    T: Data and Operations Coordinator
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