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  • Like the dewy freshness of a new morning the Vail Headquarters has awakened from a sleep of fifty years. Once an important stop along the Butterfield Overland Trail and the center of the Village of Temecula, the location was forgotten when the train rumbled into the valley and commerce moved westward. Today you see new life springing back into the original four acres and the seven historic buildings that have proudly stood the test of time. It took a group of people who were passionate about saving vestiges of the past as a community heritage site and the expertise of a visionary firm that has turned back time to make the updated Vail Headquarters into a place to eat, drink, browse and to meet up with friends. Once again, Vail HQ is a place that brings the community together, introduces visitors to our local heritage, and welcomes everybody to enjoy the best of today’s Temecula. We strive to host fun and engaging events for our community with a focus on history, art and culture.

    Mission: “Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Historic Vail Ranch Headquarters.” VaRRA, an acronym for the Vail Ranch Restoration Association, had its beginning in the mid 1990’s when a small cadre of Temecula residents who were interested in preserving the lore and legends of Temecula learned that portions of the Vail Ranch site might be razed to make room for development. As a result of their efforts over the years Vail Ranch is now a significant California historical site. VaRRA is dedicated to the preservation of the Historic Vail Ranch Headquarters Site in an area where Temecula originally started. Today this 4 acre site holds the last remaining portion of the Butterfield Overland Stage Trail and Ft. Yuma Road. This is also the route the Mormon Battalion marched in January 1847 on their way to San Diego during the Mexican-American War in California.


    Address: 32115 Temecula Parkway, Temecula, CA, United States

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