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New Jersey Highlands Coalition

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  • We educate and inform decision makers, prepare advocates, and educate about the Highlands’ importance, securing protection for our water supply and ensuring that implementation of the Highlands Act and RMP are realized; mobilize and support public opinion, helping oppose environmentally damaging developments; and seek land preservation funds, protecting the source of our water. We support permanent land conservation that protects Highlands ground and surface waters, and other invaluable resources of the region, and we advocate for increased support from water users everywhere.

    Mission: Protect, Restore,and Enhance the water and other natural and cultural resources of the New Jersey Highlands for the benefit of all citizens and businesses in the state of New Jersey.

    Website: www.njhighlandscoalition.org

    Address: 508 Main Street, Boonton, NJ, United States

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    Over 18
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    Lauren Swern
    (973) 588-7190
    T: Development Director
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