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  • Blessings Abound Thrift Store is a Christian not for profit organization called to serve the metro Kansas City Community by selling and recycling donated merchandise in order to provide aid to people in need. Here at Blessings Abound we represent the highest standard in quality in cleanliness, redistribution of donated items and creating stronger ministries to achieve our mission, one day at a time. Achieving our mission goes beyond being good stewards and expands many different avenues of community growth. We serve as an umbrella to allow many different community outreach channels and ministries to connect with through us. Allowing them to give resources and opportunities from within our store, and to achieve community goals together. Youth who serve in our store receive mentoring and youth development skills, while giving service with us. Creating new outlets for communities to discover their needs and to solve them through the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and partners.

    Mission: We are a not for profit that accepts gently used items, we then sell those items and we donate all the proceeds to help others get back on their feet, feed the hungry, help single parents, and fund outreach programs.


    Address: 10325 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS, United States

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    Maryann Grace
    (913) 648-0700
    T: Volunteer Coordinator
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