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  • Here at The Children's Museum of Greater Fall River we provide a safe environment where children and their family's can come to play. A place where children are able to play and adults learn to play again. Explore * Discover * Grow

    Mission: The mission of The Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River is to provide an environment that encourages and inspires a love for the learning process while strengthening family, education, and social bonds. In the Museum’s unique environment, children actively make connections among ideas, people, and cultures. Encompassing the broad themes of community, family, and creativity, the Museum encourages children to define their role in and contribution to society at large while supporting all parents’ efforts to be the best parents they can be.

    Website: cmgfr.org

    Address: 441 North Main Street, Fall River, MA, USA

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    Jo-anne Sbrega
    (508) 672-0033
    T: Executive Director
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