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  • We believe in an unhurried childhood, where education is not a race or an outcome, but a personal process of discovery. Our rigorous academic program teaches students to consider ideas from multiple angles, weigh conflicting information, and form their own conclusions. These skills are the foundation of complex problem-solving. Our students do not audition. Every student joins in class plays, chorus, orchestra, woodworking, movement, painting, and handwork. We value fresh air and outdoor play for children of all ages. Our classrooms are screen-free and our students thrive. Teachers emphasize story telling, hands-on experimentation, and other forms of sensory-rich learning. We shake hands, hold the door, and look people in the eye—human connections that our modern world needs.

    Mission: The Waldorf School of Lexington provides an arts-integrated academic education. We offer a curriculum rich in the humanities and sciences as well as practical and fine arts, grounded in the pedagogical principles and methods of Austrian philosopher and educator Rudolf Steiner. Cultivating critical thinking, creativity, and perseverance in our students, we strive to instill an enthusiasm for learning, skills in collaboration, and the confidence to engage in a changing world.

    Website: The Waldorf School of Lexington

    Address: 739 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington MA

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